About Jeanne Baer Presentations

(Formerly known as Creative Training Solutions) 

After 23 years at the helm of Creative Training Solutions helping organizations improve workplace performance through consulting and custom-made training, Jeanne has launched Jeanne Baer Presentations. Focusing on engaging and useful presentations and short workshops (as well as entertaining and motivational keynotes), allows her to do what she loves best—really connect with individuals in an audience.

Naturally, she brings to this company the same high standards that caused CTS to thrive: Attentive service, customization, and professionally designed handouts and collateral materials. Along with her “A” Game, she brings her passion for helping people become more successful in their personal and professional lives.

Though her mission is serious, Jeanne’s motto is, “When tension goes up, retention goes down.” She knows people learn best when they’re having fun, so audiences can count on laughing as much as they learn at her presentations.

Established Winners

Don’t risk an unknown presenter or topic; all of Jeanne’s programs are proven “winners” which organizations and individuals have responded to with rave reviews. As an author and speaker who has been making widely praised presentations for more than 20 years, Jeanne knows her content and how to deliver it.

And when you hire Jeanne, you become a winner, too. Always a consummate professional, she will make your job easy and make you look good for hiring her!

What Makes Jeanne’s Presentations Distinctive?

   ● Immediately usable real-world techniques and strategies

   ● Spontaneous, natural humor

   ● Well-told anectotes that spark universal recognition and insights

   ● A creative mix of engaging methods

   ● Discerning facilitation skills that draw out important perceptions
     and encourage innovative ideas

   ● Adequate time for questions and reflection

   ● A sincere interest in attendees that moves them toward commitment.

Attendees say they enjoy Jeanne’s sense of humor, the insights she prompts in them and the inspiration she gives them to make positive change in their lives.